Alexa J. Rittichier


Collecting Ourselves

Collecting Ourselves is a collaborative creative process, a performance and a book. It is a frontier in thinking and acting. Collecting Ourselves addresses the individualism of our culture and fosters a collective lifestyle that builds community and addresses creativity as a group process.

Through the eight month creative process of artistic cross-training and physical activity, experiences were used to grow a shared body memory and contribute to the evolution of a collective body. The artists’ book This is the Body You are Going Home With that accompanies the performance is a collection of the writing and imagery produced by the group process. This document is a concrete representation of the ephemeral time and space spent together in the creation of the performance. A combination of spontaneous and established movement practices with automatic writing, the performance, Collecting Ourselves: Bone Stacking, is an expansion of the time the ensemble has spent together and is a remembrance of the journey.

People On a Stage is the seven member ensemble led by Alexa J. Rittichier as Artistic Director and includes Lydia Feuerhelm, Jenny Garnett, Emily Rose, Courtney St.Clair, Michael Chad St. John, and Don Widmer.

*photos by Chip Duggan

People On a Stage performed Collecting Ourselves: Bone Stacking in Stanford, California, at PSi19: Now Then: Performance and Temporality on June 29, 2013! A big thank you to all of our supporters who made this amazing experience possible:

Bryan Saner
Allison Tiechart
The Webster Family
Stephanie & Derek Nicol
Emily D’Annunzio
Laura Long
Kim St.Clair
Nic King Ruley
Nicole Jung
Tammyan Starr
Michelle Korte Leccia
Kimberly Klask
Kammie Bass
Shar Pont
Haley Nagy
Sarah McEneany
Allison Christen
Megan Murphey-Sanchez
Matt & Lori Feuerhelm
Lauren Bartholet
Chris & Gini Duggan
Stephen DeSantis
Andrea & Chris Boeyink
Andrew Long
Heather Brown
Ron & Carma Rittichier